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Jean Smith at The School Of Life


This was my 3rd School of Life event, once again about Relationships.

Ironically booked when in a relationship, I now find myself single so this evening I was all ears! Jean’s delivery was direct, funny, very New York. Here it is .. with a bit of Bordello on top  ..


9 Steps for finding the Perfect Partner


1)    Be Realistic. You know how we can sometimes think life will be perfect when … I need someone to complete me … blah … mirror mirror … hmmm I guess its don’t start with unrealistic expectations, get real … you are responsible for completing yourself , don’t like your finished picture, change it ..


2)    Know What You Want

“if you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else” Lawrence J Peter

For me this applies to everything in life, if you’re aimless, you wont hit the target. Set your sights, take position & fire, in the right direction!


3)    Forget about Love At First Sight and Sexual Chemistry

My Love at First Sight dreams have waned but I’ve always been a big believer in Sexual Chemistry ..  but apparently forget it!

Apparently those who fall in love quickly, quickly divorce too.  Foundations built on sexual chemistry are not necessarily strong enough Hmmm .. she had a point

She made me consider these questions ..

Why do you want a partner? What are you looking for? How you gonna get it?

You can answer these yourself but I now knew I was looking for a grown up to share the good & bad times & was gonna work less & get out more. Great!


4)    Be Yourself ( but a Cooler Version)

Tricky one if you think you’re too cool for school already, ahem, so get the ego in check.

You want quality no quantity. Act like a player & you will attract players! So act yourself & you will attract someone who’s best suited to you.


5)    Commonalities

Do opposites attract? Of course they do, I have always dated opposites.

But whilst people who compliment each other work, romantic partners are typically similar in a variety of qualities. Actually attraction increases as similarity between partners increases. Ever noticed how sometimes partners can start to resemble each other. Freaky.

Try using social networks to find people with similar interests rather other than drinking, partying & making an arse of yourself .


6)    Proximity

We tend to have similarities & sympathies with people who are nearby called The Exposure Effect. The frequency of interaction is important as we like what we know. To prove the point we asked ourselves: What’s your favourite letter? Try it now. I bet it features in your name. Get my point. So if you don’t want to associate with those in your neighbourhood, change neighbourhood.


7)    Be Assertive and Open

If you choose, you will increase the likeliness of your happiness. Put the effort in.

We gain confidence from taking charge of situations so don’t just sit back and wait to be approached, ask a guy for a date. Apparently they like it & taking the initiative of selecting is empowering. Will do Jean.


8)    It’s a Numbers Game

Too many is difficult a choice but we do need a large enough sample size, so get out there & meet people, different people, not just your same bunch of mates in the same pub on the same nights.


9)    Rejection is Efficiency

This is just part of the weeding out process and the more shots you take the higher your percentage of scoring. Don’t take rejection as a direct attack on your self identity. There’s just not enough time to like everyone & we all know that not everyone can like us so apply the same to the opposite sex. Its okay.


Bottom Line for Jean: Get the fundamentals in common:

Education, politics, religious views, upbringing, family wants


Bottom Line for Bordello: Get the lingerie right & make yourself feel attractive, put a smile on your face & get a spring in your step & get out there !!








If you put into Google 'Sex with Dogs' over 1 million links come up!

Yes that was just one of the fascinating facts that come out at the Wednesday evening talk at The School Of Life in Bloomsbury. New to the School of Life I enrolled keenly on a discussion entitled The Impossibility of Sex by Susan Quilliam, the Relationship Psychologist, Agony Aunt, Researcher & Author of The New Joy of Sex

I had heard much talk about the School & wasnt disappointed as it proved to be a thoroughly entertaining evening full of lively debate, fun & frivolity about a most popular topic.

Interesting fact 2:  According to Research conducted in 2006, the worldwide revenue of the Sex Industry amounted to $97 billion! yes $ 97billion! 

The evening was peppered with interesting facts like this as Susan led us through a brief sexual history. We considered its depiction in work such as the Kama Sutra versus Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. I know which one I prefer: sex as a path to enlightment with orgasm as the highest form of connection to a partner & the Divine! Yep, that sits better with me than virgin births!

Next the Industrial Revolution kick starting a sexual revolution with the migration of people from villages to town. This seemed plausible enough. We were led on to consider War time sex or 'love in the face of death' with the question: 'Was sex more or less possible in our Grandparents age?' . Hmmm, this group of strangers were soon discussing & breaking down social barriers on this hot topic when hit with


Interesting Fact 3: The Poppy Project in 2008 was a survey of brothels all over London and the highest number was in .... Westminster! 

This certainly got the room laughing.  But wasnt this supposed to be a serious debate? & isnt sex supposed to be a difficult subject to discuss, even within a relationship? Well, not in this room.

With further topics  'In what ways do the difficulties & the opportunities of a sexualised society affect you?' or  'What reasons would you tell yourself to avoid telling your partner what you want'  temperatures were rising & pulses racing. 

When Pornography vs Erotica raised its head, Susan led the group into a communal climax & a satisfied bunch of consenting Londoners retired fully confident in their conclusion that these days Sex is definately Possible.



I cant wait to get my copies of Susan's The New Joy of Sex into Bordello & have invited her to sign copies & hold one of her exciting chats in store!  Afterall, with Susan, anything is possible ! 




Read the Diary of a Bordello girl



One of our lovely Bordelettes is recording her musings in a blog called rather aptly .. Diary of a Bordello Girl .. what fun! Do check it out...  



Surreal Appeal

Wed, Nov 3rd, 2010

As featured in this weeks Sunday Times on line and in this coming weeks Sunday Times newspaper, the Surreal Series by Katarina Baliova has been drawing alot of attention for its sensual nature and intimacy between Photographer and subject.

Bordello is proud to be participating in Photomonth 10, the largest celebration of Photography in the UK. With over 200 exhibitions and events in more than 100 galleries and venues during October and November 2010, its an opportunity to explore the East End and feast your eyes on some stunning, inventive and thought provoking images.

Due to the overwhelming success of the show Bordello has agreed to extend the exhibition until the end of November. So, dont delay its your last chance to view and buy these unique and beautiful pieces of work.

Surreal Appeal in Sunday Times

Bordello presents the Laboratory of Love

Bordello is proud to be participating in Photomonth 10, the largest celebration of Photography in the UK. With over 200 exhibitions and events in more than 100 galleries and venues during October and November 2010, its an opportunity to explore the East End and feast your eyes on some stunning, inventive and thought provoking images.

Wednesday the 12th May 2010 saw the good Ladies and Gentlemen of London Town descend upon our charming boudoir to sup the Bordello Love Potion created especially for your favourite Lingerie ladies by Hendrick's Gin. A beautiful champagne and rose infused concoction was presented and this magic elixir did indeed intoxicate and make heady many of our charming guests until flirting and frivolity took place, until a jolly good time was had by all!

A few words from the alhcemists:

When asked to concoct an appropriate drink to befit a Laboratory of Love, we instinctively put on our lab coats and goggles, fired up the Bunsen burners and stirred our way though lists of potential ingredients. With cat's paw and virgin's tears out of fashion, we opted for some more unusual ingredients to add into our potion.

Author Og Mandino once said: "I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted." He clearly had not heard of the Laboratory of Love's libations, which render any person love-drunk with its maker. With its taste of red fruits, champagne and the cucumber and rose infused Hendrick's Gin, the Chelsea Rose is a perfect concoction for star-crossed lovers to enjoy in these decadent surroundings.

Queen Of Hearts! .. Off with his Head!

Apparently that is what happens in the East End when you forget to buy a Valentines present. But fear not, the Bordello girls will come to your rescue and aide you with your Valentine purchase so as not to lose yer 'ed ... come Thursday night to our SOS Valentine and have your worries soothed with a little light refreshment, charm and beauty. Our lovely Valentina .. the Queen of Bordello's Heart will perform for you, the Bordelettes will escort you delightfully around our boudoir making your Valentine shop an allarmingly exquisite experience !! Now thats better isnt it .. 

Bordello travels the world! Via the EasyJet Inflight Magazine

Yes, word has just come to us from a very trusted source that we have been spied within the pages of EasyJet Inflight Magazine. We are yet to see it with our own eyes but apparently its a good thing! so hooray !!! if you see it, do send us a copy!

Happy New Decade!!

Well the New Year is upon us, we are stuck into our new resolutions, the new skinny me, the new fit me, the new healthy me, the lean mean sexual machine I've always dreamed to be .. oh yes its a tough old slog, everyone's heating is on the blink, the snows brought the country to a standstill, we're all off cigs, booze, boys, but thankfully there is one constant and we will never be off Shopping !!!!! Yes, the sales are here, bringing the only ray of light to an otherwise grim start to the year ... bring on the Sales, in all their glory, Cashmere socks we can treat ourselves to as its cold enough, the new TV we'll all be staying in to watch, the Little Black Dress that we know we'll slim into, the ridiculous new shoes completely unnecessary ... and of course that sexy underwear set to put a twinkle in your eye when you feel the need for a little va va voom !!! ..OH YES, the Bordello sale now on .. go on be Decadent ... its 20 - 10 you know.


On line shopping at Bordello

Thu, Nov 12th, 2009

You may have noticed that we have not been updating our products as often as usual lately. Well, we are busy creating an on line shop for you in time for your christmas shopping.

So sorry if you can not find the goodies you have seen in store but we hope to reveal the new site to you soon!

Christina Aguilera Photo shoot!

Thu, Nov 12th, 2009

So we have been trying to keep it under our fascinators but its just too exciting!!!  We sent some of our favourite pieces (the stunning Fifi Chachnil braces knickers and Kiera leather cape, to mention just a few) over to New York recently for a photo shoot with the amazing Christina Aguilera ! She has been busy posing and pouting beautifully for her new Album Cover. Imagine our excitement when we heard some of our gorgeous goodies were actually used. Oh my lord, whether we make it to the Album Cover remains to be seen yet but we havent stopped swooning yet with the thought of it.  Pass the smelling salts.

Bordello maternity brand HotMilk scoops awards yet again !

Fri, Nov 6th, 2009

We see that everyone loves HotMilk Lingerie as much as we do at Bordello. Voted Best Lingerie in Pregnancy & Birth Magazine Awards 2009 as well as Prima Baby Lingerie Awards 2009. Theres no stopping these Kiwi ladies!

We have some great maternity lingerie in store at the moment,  as well as the favourite sexy HotMilk black nighties which make wonderful Christmas presents for all the Yummy Mummies out there! Pop in store and ask to see our maternity range.

Erotic Review

Thu, Nov 5th, 2009

At Bordello after a hard day's slog fitting East London ladies in ravishing lingerie, we like nothing better than to relax with a sherry or two and a copy of The Erotic Review. Stimulating the old grey matter as way as other parts the sherry cannot reach, this saucy rag is full of tales by hard hitting journos and writers who like nothing better than sharing their racy imaginations with us mere mortals. In fact, we love it so much that we now have added it to our Literary corner at Bordello. At £3 a pop, it's a right good read!

Stockings or bust !

Tue, Oct 27th, 2009

Today a budding journalist asked me the following question which I thought I would share with you:

In your opinion, are stockings for everyday use (maybe to help complete a specific vintage look) or more for special occasions?

In my mothers era, stockings were de rigueur and worn everyday. Even my Grandmother had a pair of black silk seams in her drawer. At Bordello although we sell a range of fabulous tights by Wolford and every fashionistas favourite BeBaroque we still use stockings for everyday as they certainly make you feel fabulous and sexy which is how every lady should feel even when just buying her groceries!

Providing they are worn with a well fitted garter belt there is no reason why they should be any less practical or comfortable and at Bordello we offer a range of options from 4 strap to 6 strap, deep, hip or waist fitting garter belts to accommodate. And if you are not comfortable in stockings and suspenders, there are a range of other options these days such as Hold ups and Suspender brief.

However I would suggest tights if the weather is particularly cold or the skirt particularly short!

For special occasions I would always advocate stockings, as they are sure to put a twinkle in your eye and make you feel more sexy and confident.

To complete a vintage look I would wear a good foundation garment such as a deep suspender belt or girdle to ensure a perfect clean line under your clothes. One of the Bordello favourites and indeed our Bordello 'Classic' is shapewear  by MadebyNiki. We just love the  magic bum girdle which nips the waist, flattens the stomach and lifts the derriere with its subtle boning. In a sheer black or ivory mesh with lace panels it is extremely comfortable, flattering and sexy for both wearer and the beholder. Magic indeed!

To complete the vintage look I would recommend a pair of seamed stockings and splashing out on a pair of the stunning silk Cervin Cuban heel seams with keyhole made in the traditional fully fashioned tradition is a must for the true vintage afficionado.


A Hallowe'en recipe from our Chocolatier du choix

Mon, Oct 26th, 2009

Raspberry Sensory Chocolate Sponge Delight

For the syrup:

250ml water
300ml framboise (raspberry) liqueur
150g caster sugar

To make the syrup, place the water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Cool and chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Remove the chilled syrup from the refrigerator and stir in the framboise liqueur.

For the garnishing:

2 punnets of fresh raspberries
Icing sugar

For the ganache:

350ml double cream
350gm dark chocolate 70% min, broken up into pieces
1 cinnamon stick
½ tsp mixed spice
2 star anise
½ vanilla pod scraped

Make the ganache. Place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl. Place the cream in a saucepan, along with the star anise, mixed spice, vanilla & cinnamon and bring to the boil, then remove from the heat, strain and pour over the chocolate and stir until the mixture is smooth. Leave to cool.

150gm caster sugar
150gm soft butter(I use stalk!)
150gm plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
150gm dark chocolate
5 eggs
2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce (optional)
1 tsp mixed spice (optional)

Pre-heat oven gas 3 170c/350f – Place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl and place over a saucepan of simmering water, (alternatively this can be melted in microwave, 30 seconds full power and so on until melted) pop in the mixed spice and the sweet chilli, mix until melted, remove and leave to one side whilst you, Cream the soft butter & sugar until light & fluffy, gradually adding your eggs, mixing well, then fold in the sieved flour in stages along with the baking powder, then in stages fold in the melted chocolate. (optional – at this stage I sometimes put a handful of small broken pieces of dark chocolate approx 25gm) mix well, pour into a greased & lined cake tin approx 8in, springform cake tin, then bake in the oven for approx 45-55 mins, insert knife or skewer and remove cake from oven if skewer comes out clean. Leave to cool in tin.

Taking your raspberry liqueur syrup pour half into a bowl and soak the 2 punnets of raspberries, Transfer the cooled ganache into a piping bag, Remove the sponge from springform cake tin, with a large knife cut in half so you have 2 discs. Wash your cake tin, dry and pop the base of the sponge back into the springform cake tin, pour over approx other half of the raspberry liqueur syrup, pipe a 3rd of the chocolate ganache over the sponge and place over the scattered soaked raspberries. Pipe another 3rd of the ganache over the raspberries, and then take the 2 chocolate sponge disc, and dip into the remainder of the raspberry liqueur syrup. Then pop this on top of the raspberries and ganache. Press down slightly, then Pipe the remaining ganache on the top of the sponge and smooth out with a palate knife, using the remaining raspberries pop on the top, then chill the cake for a approx couple of hours, remove from cake tin, dust with icing sugar and serve with regional clotted cream.

Bat for Lashes

Mon, Oct 12th, 2009

We Bordello girls almost shed a little tear last week as we had to kiss goodbye to our favourite crepe embroidered Japanese vintage kimono. It was just sooooo pretty !! But there was some consolation in that it went to a  lovely new home and shall be adorning the fabulous Bat for Lashes!! What more can we ask for. With that in mind, we packaged it lovingly in gold paper sealed with a kiss and off it went to its new home .. maybe we will get to see it in a video one day .. sob .. sniff ..

Your can keep your hat on!

Sun, Oct 4th, 2009

Hats off to our new window appearing this week!

As October wind blows we are dedicating the Bordello windows to keeping that heat in our bodies with our wonderful collection of vintage hats and contemporary fascinators. Come and get warmer at Bordello this autumn ...

Midori sensual sex salon at Bordello

Thu, Oct 1st, 2009

We learnt the secrets of oral and manual techniques to become the mistress of the joystick and keep our men in the palm of our hands. Midori came armed and dangerous with props and products and we were soon all rubbing our hands and our courgettes with expertise and enthusiasm! A couple of glasses of champagne and lots of laughter later, our ladies left armed and dangerous with their new found confidence and new erotic toys swinging from their arms!!

Thanks Midori!



Madame Bordello on France 2 and Canal Plus!

Thu, Sep 24th, 2009

Bon, quelle surprise! Les francais adorent Madame Bordello! Well, okay, no surprise really. Not only did our Madame appear on France 2 this week but Canal Plus featured our lovely Chef de Bordello Michele Scarr on Thursday too!

With the G20 summit starting this week, the french journalists have been keen to understand what made Michele leave her City job at ABN AMRO to open a Lingerie boutique.


Bordello sponsors the Whoopee Agency Show Infinite Variety

Tue, Sep 22nd, 2009

Tuesday evening saw us Bordello belles invited to the press party at the New Players Theatre to celebrate the first west end show by the Whoopee Agency.

Starring the fantastic Polly Cupcake, La JohnJoseph and Gemma Whelan with a live band and musical direction by Marcella Puppini. With impromptu performance by our favourite Burlesque starlet Amber Topaz, fabulous costumes, and lingerie provided by your very own Shoreditch favourite Bordello, it was a fantastic show.

Go see it .. right now !!!

Infinite Variety - 15th of September to the 31st of October 2009

The New Players Theatre is a hidden Victorian gem with an 18th century original bar in the back of the theatre that stays open until midnight as well as an upstairs piano bar that is open until 2.30am - look out for special friends of Whoopee doing guest spots after the show.

A Whoopee production brings with it the inevitability that shows will turn into parties and that scant regard will be given to the confines of a stage.These are going to be pretty wild and magical shows that begin the second you walk in and do not stop until you tumble out in the early hours of the morning.

Each performance has limited cabaret seating so book early to get the best seats.


Diary of a Bordello Girl Blog

Sun, Sep 13th, 2009

One of our lovely Bordelettes is recording her musings in a blog called rather aptly .. Diary of a Bordello Girl .. what fun! Do check it out ..


Bordello presents Kink Ink at 40 Winks

Wed, Sep 2nd, 2009

First port of call was The Green Room. Here honky tonk music played interlaced with a soundtrack of spooky laughter. The flash of cameras provided most of the light and on a black divan lay a beautiful girl. A black satin robe casually exposed her black knickers with black evening gloves and black knee high socks blending into the general gloom of the scene. Out of her cupid’s bow mouth stuck a cigarette holder that stretched all the way to her bent left knee. A Cruella DeVil blonde streak on her cropped black hair provided a dash of insouciance that also radiated from her general being.

Drinking and boisterous chatting ate up the 15 minute break and then it was upstairs to where the second model sat, topless, on a bed with pompadour curls, cotton pantaloons and an apple balanced in the curve of her palm.

Model three, a stunning blonde with asymmetric hair wearing only the sheerest of knickers. When I entered the room she was lying on the floor but she soon rose to a kneeling position and began singing backed by a solemn girl on the piano.

Life Drawing will take place again on November 11 and December 16


Retro Hair and Make-Up Masterclass

Wed, Aug 19th, 2009

Last Thursday we held the first Lipstick and Curls Retro Hair and Make-Up Masterclass and what a ball we had! The girls were resplendent in adorable matching striped pinnies and with nimble fingers, trusty kirby grips and serious quantities of hairspray; showed us how to tease hair into victory rolls, gravity defying quiffs and turmbling Marilyn waves!

We were then given all the tricks of the trade to achieve that vintage, polished, Hollywood starlet look, and shown how to create a gorgeous dewy base, perfect eyeliner flicks, and of course, sexy cupids-bow red lips.

Make-overs, gossip and free-flowing bubbly; all in all, the perfect girl's night in!

Look Good Feel Better!

Wed, Aug 19th, 2009

Thats the latest results of the YouGov survey in the UK.

As you know Bordello is supporting the Look Good Feel Better campaign by Andrex by selling the fabulous £10 silk undies by lingerie designer Ayten Gasson. Each pair sold raises £5 for the Charity Look Good Feel Better, which offers confidence boosting skin care and make up workshops for women undergoing cancer treatment. Well Andrex have now conducted a survey into our lingerie habits.

And the survey says ..

Bordello are the exclusive stockists of Andrex's Limited Edition Shea Butter Knickers, as created by one of our favourite designers, the lovely Ayten Gasson.

Crafted from chocolate coloured silk, each pair features a panel which has been infused with shea butter so as well as being silky to the touch, they'll leave your derriere peachy soft too!

The knickers retail for just £10 and for every pair sold, £5 will be donated to 'Look Good, Feel Better', a charity supported by around 40 leading beauty companies which helps women affected by cancer access free skin-care, beauty treatments and advice.


Fabulous underwear boosting British women’s confidence

Thu, Jul 30th, 2009

Psychologist Judy James reveals that body language signals are twice as appealing if a woman’s wearing gorgeous underwear!

The type of women who buy silky underwear are smart enough to self-motivate when it comes to sensuality. However, rather than be an obvious clichéd man-pleaser, the colour and feel of underwear is of maximum appeal to the wearer. Selfishness like this is sexy and whatever boosts sexiness automatically boosts confidence and therefore performance.”

A woman re-boosts her own sexual confidence by opting for self-pleasing underwear, making her body language signals twice as appealing!”

Well we cant argue with that! 


LELO - Best Sex Toy Brand

Wed, May 13th, 2009

Lelo, the gorgeous new sex toy brand which Bordello introduced to store 2 months ago, has been voted no 1 sex toy brand in the ETO Adult Industry awards ! ETO is the most important UK Trade show for the adult industry so they know what they are talking about! 

We just loved the product, the sleek lines, beautiful colours and subtle designs and now its official so does everyone else! 

Come to the boutique and find out more about the Lelo range or check out the beautiful designs under Products and Toys on our site.


Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Wed, Apr 22nd, 2009

Bordello has been asked to provide some pieces for the 3rd season of the series 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' starring Billie Piper. Filming starts soon so look out for Billie carrying the Bordello Bag as she strolls around the streets of London !

BBC coming to Bordello !!

Tue, Dec 9th, 2008

BBC are coming to Bordello with ex Eastenders Nathalie Cassidy! Nathalie is making a series of programs to be aired at the end of January on BBC3 and have asked Bordello to feature in their program on Sex in the East End! Watch this space for further details.

Channel 4 filming at Bordello

Mon, Dec 8th, 2008

Channel 4 have been filming the photographer Charlie Pycraft at Bordello today...

Whilst Charlie is working on his fashion shoot, the chaps at Ch4 have been trying to get gossip for their forthcoming program on Prince Harry and the Paps .. but will Charlie spill the beans ?!! You'll have to wait til January to find out .. watch this space!