Buying Tips for Men

Buying your Lady the perfect lingerie  - Let us help you !


- Know Your Lady's Size

We all know its difficult to select a well-fitting lingerie set based on guesswork - a smaller or larger size is likely to offend,  so do your homework & equip yourself with some sizes. Asking her upfront will give the game away so its a good idea to have a sneaky peek in her drawers and check the labels. If you cant do this, perhaps ask her best friend who will probably know. By size, we mean both bra & knickers.

As a general rule, dress size is best for choosing the correct knicker size. For the Bra, labels are normally located on the band at the back where it fastens. You are looking for a band size eg. 30, 32, 34 etc AND a cup size eg. A, B, C etc. Check a few items & write them down or save them in your phone.

 - Style & Shape

Whats her style ? Is she a fashionista, vintage dresser or classic ? Does she mainly wear black or colours? Does she wear thongs or briefs? Getting this right will show how well you know her. The same rule applies to bras. Does she wear padded or unpadded & sheer? If she's more adventurous, you might wish to try something more sexy than she normally wears but remember, this gift is for her rather than you. Get it right & she feels & looks sexy, this will turn into a great gift for you.

 - Fabric

Women tend to buy practical lingerie, so selecting something more luxurious will be a treat and earn you points. Luxurious fabrics such as silk and lace feel good to touch as well as feeling amazingly sensual on the skin. 

- Finishing Touches

Stockings, tights or holdups ? For a sexy look always include some stockings or hold ups with your gift. Some ladies have never worn stockings & might require a little encouragement. Buying a matching suspender belt with her lingerie set is a good opportunity to treat her with a full set that she might not normally afford.

Remember this is a really special treat with lots of potential for naughty fun. Spoil her and impress her with lingerie knowledge and choice and she'll have a gift that makes her feel cherished, confident & adventurous.

Follow these guidelines & you cant go wrong!